PM Software ("PM Coordinator")

The following is a list of features of our PM Coordinator PM software system. This list highlights many of the features of this PM software but it is by no means a complete list. The best way to assess PM coordinator's suitability is to download the demo and try it on your own PC.

We have also provided a few PM Software screenshots to give you some idea of the interface and how the software looks on your PC screen.

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PM Software Scheduler Module

  • Auto generation of Work Orders
  • Easy setup of recurring tasks
  • Set work orders as 1 of 7 types
  • Uses classification assignments
  • Build in Creation Wizard for easy setups
  • Reusable task instructions
  • Reusable safety instructions
  • Save Summaries to Equipment History Log
  • Built in Instructions Editor
  • Assign Resources
  • Notification of overdue work orders

Work Orders Module

  • Very user friendly
  • Great for the creation of work order requests
  • Setup four different types, including Safety related
  • Reusable and selectable Safety Instructions
  • Save copy to Equipment History Log
  • Use classification assignments
  • Make assignments
  • Track Completion

Equipment and Machinery Module

  • Maintain General Information
  • Maintain Asset information
  • Calculate asset depreciation
  • Maintain a picture of your asset
  • Maintain warranty information


Mechanics and Employees Module

  • Maintain general information
  • Maintain emergency contact information
  • Maintain a picture of employee
  • Maintains Equipment Service Histories
  • Auto history entries from Scheduler or Work Orders
  • Make manual entries to history database

Documents Module

  • Maintain Text or Pictures documents
  • Build in, Feature rich word processor
  • Microsoft Word support
  • Maintains numerous documents sorted by groups
  • Support for tables, bullets, and much more

Reports Available from the PM Software

  • Each module contains its own set of reports
  • Contains build in reports
  • Report wizards for custom reporting
  • Report Preview screens
  • Export reports to PDF, Word, RTF, HTML and others

Other Software Features

  • Uses a powerful Microsoft Access Database
  • 100 % upgradeable to the Maintenance Coordinator Series
  • 250,000 + word spell checking
  • Very easy to use and learn
  • Very low, competitive pricing
  • Office compatible, but no Office products needed
  • Network, Unlimited users, site licenses available

PM Coordinator Software Screenshots

The images below are of some of the screens that are available in the PM software.

PM Software screenshot 1
PM Software Work Order Screen View



Maintenance Scheduler Screenshot

Work Order PM Scheduling Screen: the Maintenance Scheduler module is the heart of all CMMS type programs, and you’ll find ours to be extremely powerful, feature rich, and easy to use.



Asset Register Screenshot

Equipment and Machinery (Asset Register) - Lookup View: you can use this module to record information about your facility's equipment, including such items as warranty information, asset numbers and the like.



New Work Order Screenshot

PM Software Screen for Raising New Work Orders



PM Software screenshot

Task Planning Screen: with the Tasks Planner option you can display and print the maintenance schedule for an entire month, create and edit existing tasks and export a copy of the planner to Excel.



PM Software screenshot 8

Employees Register - Details View: The Employees and Mechanics module is used to store important information about your work force. Information found here includes their position, address, telephone numbers, emergency contacts and more. 


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