Perspective CMMS is an independent CMMS consultancy, which offers informal advice on the selection and implementation of CMMS systems. This CMMS Software website was developed by Perspective CMMS to specifically showcase the PM Coordinator and Maintenance Coordinator Apps.

CMMS Software is a UK Based Business

Perspective CMMS has been assisting people to save money and to find suitable CMMS applications since 2001. Many of our enquiries at Perspective CMMS were from small and medium companies seeking a simple, easy to use and low cost CMMS system - one that did not require expensive consultancy, training or high annual support charges.

We decided to offer this type of software for sale through this website so we searched the CMMS market place for a suitable package. We found PM Coordinator and Maintenance Coordinator.

These are applications developed by Simplicity Software Technologies in the USA. They provided the CMMS demo software, we tested it to check its suitability and found that it did just about everything that we think most small to medium maintenance departments will need.

As a result we allied with Simsofttech and we now offer their products to the UK and Europe.

We offer the CMMS demos for download so that you can evaluate them for yourself. You can even and purchase them online immediately if required. Feel free to test them - you will realise how effective they are and how easy they will be to implement in your facility or plant.

We are an established UK CMMS business based near Loch Lomond in Scotland. The software we offer on this website can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. If you have any questions about CMMS Systems or Perspective CMMS please feel free to contact us.

The CMMS Software we offer was Developed by Simsoft in the USA

Simplicity Software Technologies Inc. is a stable, mature US company that has been developing CMMS software for several years. The applications offered through this website were originally developed back in 2000. Development work and upgrading has continued right up to the present. The applications have continued to evolve throughout this period with regular new releases and updates. Version 8 (V8) was released in September 2015 along with a SQL server version. Contact us for details of this.





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