CMMS - Maintenance Software FAQs

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our CMMS Maintenance Software.

What are the Main Differences in the versions of the CMMS Maintenance Software?
PM Coordinator is actually a scaled down version of Maintenance Coordinator. The primary difference is that PM Coordinator does not support Inventory control and Purchasing. Both products however support both repair and recurring work orders and PMs. Both can also save summaries of completed work orders to equipment history logs.

Other key elements PM Coordinator does not support (where Maintenance Coordinator does) ...
Password protection
Auto email of work orders
No add-on modules

Can I have a Demo of the Maintenance Software?
Yes, a full working demo of the CMMS, maintenance software is available for download. The demo software will work for a full thirty days after download allowing you to fully test the application and assess its suitability for your own requirements. After purchase you can use the software for a further thirty days on approval with a money back guarantee. Your guarantee means that may cancel your order at any time during this 30 day period and get a full refund. Please note that no cancellations can be accepted after this 30 day period.

Can I purchase PM Coordinator and Maintenance Coordinator CMMS Maintenance Software online?
Yes, both versions of the software can be purchased online. The options for online purchase are limited to the basic packages. If you require other options you can tell us your requirements and we will send you an electronic invoice for the required amount.

Can I purchase PM Coordinator and Maintenance Coordinator with an official, company purchase order?
Yes you can but you should be aware that invoices must be paid within 45 days. After this period the software locks out if the invoice is still outstanding.

Can I purchase the Maintenance Software offline, with a company cheque?
Yes, you can send us a cheque along with our downloadable purchase order form.

Do I have to purchase support?
Support is available as an option. These applications are very easy to use and you may find that you do not need support but if you prefer to have the security of an annual support contract then this is available to you. The charge for this is £150 or 15% of the total software price (whichever is the greater).

How is the CMMS/maintenance software documentation delivered?
The documentation is delivered electronically. A registration key will be forwarded to you by email. This converts the demo system into a full version. If you have any problems with this free installation support is of course provided

What’s the difference between the Standard and Professional editions of Maintenance Coordinator?
Basically it’s the modules. You get 10 additional modules with the Professional edition. These include the Mechanics module, Forms and Permits designer, Reports and Graphics module, Tools database, 2 set of issue tracking modules, Procedures and Solutions module, Safety Management module, Support for Palm hand held computers, and a Project Planner.

Modules in the Standard Edition: Maintenance Scheduler, Work Orders, Equipment and Machinery, Parts and Inventory, Purchasing and Receiving, Contacts and Vendors and Personal Manager module. ALSO: Auto email module, Import and Exports module.

What’s the difference between a single user and a site license?
On a single user version, the database can only be installed on a local drive, accessed by a single computer. You can still have multiple users, but only one at a time will be able to use the program.

A site license allows you to install the program on as many computers you want, at a single location or address. The database can also be moved to a shared, network drive, and shared by all the users. We have additional discounts for multiple sites.

What type of files or documents can be imported into your system?
The program can import Excel files or Microsoft Access files. So if you can save your information in one of those formats, you should be able to import it into our application. This is done with the included Import/Export module, available in both Maintenance and PM Coordinator.

Can you add modules to PM Coordinator?
No, only Maintenance Coordinator can be customized.

How does the Remote Service Request module work?
The Remote Service Request module allows you to use email to send work order requests to the main system as an attachment. You then import these attachments into the Work Orders module. Once purchased this module can be used worldwide if needed.

Does your email feature work with other formats other than Outlook?
Yes, you can use it with any system that uses a SMTP type setup. This includes Outlook, Lotus Notes, and most other configurations.

Is your program SQL Server, or web based?
The application must be fully installed on each computer where access is required. It uses Microsoft Access for data storage (we supply our own runtime engine). We also have a SQL server version (released 2015) available for those who require it. Contact us for details.

What are the basic steps of installing the software for network use?
1. Install the program on each client computer as you would as if it was a single user setup.
2. Activate the software on each computer it's installed to.
3. Copy the databases used by the program to a sharable network drive. These are the files with an .mdb extension.
4. Point to the databases on the network from each computer where the program is installed. (The procedure for installing the SQL server version is slightly different but still quite straightforward.)

What are the basic system requirements for your software?
Basically it’s designed to work on any system from Windows 95 through XP with 80 Meg to 1 Gigi-byte of disk space.
Pentium® 90 MHz or higher microprocessor, VGA 640x480 or higher-resolution screen supported by Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (Service Park 5 or higher) or later, Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, CD-ROM, 80MB free hard disk space.

What devices can be used with the Portable Devices module, or hand held devices?
Any hand held device that supports the Palm 3.0 operating or later. For scanning devices we support the Symbol brand of SPT devices. These include the SPT-1550 and SPT-5 1800. We have however been informed that these devices have been discontinued. With that said, Janam Technologies has their XP series that appear to better than what Symbol had offered. These include the XP20 and XP30 series.

I would like to buy a more basic system to start off with (like PM Coordinator), and then upgrade to a better system later. Can this be done?
Yes, the data is fully upgradeable from one version to another. However, please be aware that it will cost you an additional 20% when doing it this way. The upgrade price is the price difference between the two products * 1.2.

I am running a demo version of your software, will I lose any of the data I have entered if I decide to buy?
No, your data will still be there. In fact, the demo is the actual program that just needs an activation file to turn it in to a full working version.

What features don’t work on the demo?
Pretty much everything works with the demo except the printing and exporting of documents. Other things that are disabled are moving your databases to a server, turning on the password protection feature, and emailing your documents.

What is the Auto email feature?
This is a little application you leave running on a PC somewhere in the background. When a new work order becomes due, the program will automatically email up to three mechanics (or assignments) a copy of the actual work order. These document can be in either the RTF or PDF formats. You can set it up so the documents are sent from 1 to 7 days before their scheduled start date.

Does the Auto Email feature work with PM Coordinator?
No, this feature is only available in either the Standard or Professional editions of Maintenance Coordinator.

Is there any telephone support available?
Email Support is free. Telephone support, along with Quarterly Service Release CDs is 15% of the package you purchase, but not less than £150 annually.

Is there any training available?
Not really, the software is actually too easy to learn to employ a full time training staff. However we will help you get started with both telephone support and using the GoTo Meeting internet service within the first 30 days of purchase. There is also some free training material available.



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