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The Maintenance Software in the Maintenance Coordinator series of products was designed not only to be extremely powerful and feature rich, but also to provide a user interface that’s remarkably easy to use. Design criteria also focused on flexibility by providing you with not only complete, ready to use systems but also by providing ways to build your own custom solutions.

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You’ll find that the unique design style of this software is not only extremely efficient, but also very easy to use and learn. We have tried to remove the frustration that is found with many maintenance software packages by designing a simplified system that's exceedingly user friendly.

You’ll also find that having a system that is uncomplicated to use means that you have a system that is used more often and to its fullest. After all, the main users of this maintenance software are maintenance personnel. That is the technicians, electricians, fitters and other trades in your maintenance department, not computer science graduates.

The feature list includes all of the features listed for the PM Coordinator PM software as well as the additional feature rich modules listed below.

There are essentially three different versions available. PM Coordinator includes an asset register along with a basic planned maintenance scheduling tool. Maintenance Coordinator Standard version is a full CMMS.

Maintenance Coordinator Professional is an advanced maintenance management system with features that will almost certainly meet all your requirements if you need a fully featured CMMS with advanced capability.

We have included some screenshots of the software below and you can download you personal Maintenance Coordinator software demo here.






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Maintenance Software Pro Edition Modules

The Maintenance Coordinator System consists of a series of individual modules. The professional edition includes all the modules of the Standard Edition plus those listed below.

These modules are actually complete programs that perform specific functions. Even as these programs run independently from one another, they share information through Microsoft Access™ databases.

  • Mechanics and Employees Module
  • Tools Database
  • Procedures and Solutions Module
  • Reports and Graphics Module
  • Project Planner Module
  • Forms and Permits Module
  • Maintenance and Production Issues Module
  • Safety Management Module

Maintenance Software Main Menu Module

  • Maintenance Scheduler
  • Work Orders Module
  • Automatic Work Orders Email
  • Parts and Inventory Module
  • Equipment and Machinery Module
  • Purchasing and Receiving Module
  • Contacts and Vendors Module
  • Personal Planner Module

Add-on Modules:

These modules are also available as add ons.

  • Mobile Devices/Maintenance Coordinator-Mobile
  • Remote Work Orders / Service Request Module
  • Maintenance Services Module (Property/Contract Maintenance)

Maintenance Coordinator Software Screenshots

The images below are just some of the screens that are available in the Maintenance Coordinator series.

The PM Scheduling module, Work Orders Module, Mechanics and Employees Module and the Equipment and Machinery Module are essentially the same as those on PM Coordinator PM software. Screenshots of these can be seen there.

These offer a flavour of the system and how it looks to the user but we strongly recommend that you download a copy and try it for yourself or contact us if you have any questions.

<Maintenance Software Screenshot 01

The Main Control Panel from which the various maintenance modules are selected.


Safety Management Module Screenshot

Safety Management Module: we know that many times you’ll find that the person responsible for maintenance is often responsible to over see safety performance as well. With the Safety Management module we give you the tools to track accidents, do complete investigations on incidents, and make analyses of incidents to prevent further occurrences, and more.


Purchasing and Receiving Module

Purchasing and Receiving Module Lookup View: use this module for all your purchasing and receiving needs. Create quotation requests, purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Track back orders, receive items and update your inventory levels.


Contracts and Vendors screenshot

Contracts and Vendors Lookup View


Maintenance services

Portable Devices Module: you can always have part of Maintenance Coordinator CMMS with you with the Maintenance Coordinator - Mobile Devices module. With this module you'll be able to take your work orders, equipment database, mechanics database and inventory records on the road with you. (See typical devices)


Tools database screenshot

Tools Database: the Tools module was designed to help you keep track of your tools inventory. With this module you can maintain all the important information on each of your tools.



Parts and Inventory Module Lookup screenshot

Parts and Inventory Module Lookup View. (Most Modules offer different views for convenience.)


Parts and Inventory Module Details screenshot

Parts and Inventory Module Details View: this module is used as part of an inventory control system. Use this module to keep track of all the parts that your production and maintenance departments require to conduct everyday business. With this module you can track inventory levels, storage locations, set minimum and maximum stock levels, record costs, and more.


Purchasing and Receiving Module Details screenshot

Purchasing and Receiving Module Details View


Contracts and Vendors screenshot

Contracts and Vendors Details View: with the maintenance software's contact module you can keep track of all your business contacts, these can include vendors, suppliers, co-workers, or just general everyday contacts. Maintenance contact information can be extremely valuable to conducting everyday business.



Maintenance Project Planning screenshot

Maintenance Project Planning: the Project Planner module was included with the Maintenance Coordinator program to provide you manager types out there with a means of managing your occasional projects.

Get your full working demo of the Maintenance Coordinator Maintenance Software here.

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